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Time to complete
Joomla 1.5.x. / 3.x
5 business days 
$595 USD
5 business days 
$595 USD
5 business days 
$595 USD
10 business days 
$795 USD
Zen Cart Shopping Cart
10 business days 
$995 USD


What exactly does the package include?

The prices above are for basic theming (please see details below).  We will theme the core CMS to look exactly like your design within the boundaries of the base CMS installation and configuration.  We can theme additional components, modules, plugins or contribs for an extra charge; if you need extra theming, please advise at submission so that we can provide a quote.   We do not modify the programming or configuration of the CMS or additional modules.

When the project is done, you will have theme files and a database ready for installation into your CMS.  If you would like us to install the theme and database, we can do that -- just let us know!  Your CMS will be ready for its content.  Please provide design files for all included pages as outlined below.  An extra charge will apply if each page does not contain 50% or more of the original structure of the home page.

Joomla:  Theming includes the home page and one content item page.

Drupal:  Theming includes the home page and one content item page.

Blogger:  Theming includes the home page, archive page and one content item page.

WordPress:  Theming includes the home page, permalink page, category page and archive page.

Zen Cart:  Theming includes home page, category page, product details page, cart and checkout pages.

Every Theme Includes:

  • Hand coded (X)HTML that is valid HTML 4.01 Transitional
  • Structured CSS that also validates
  • Cross-browser compatible with major browsers

What about print pages?

Absolutely!  Please select the print stylesheet option when you place your order and include a design layout file for the print pages.

Who needs

If you are a designer who either prefers not to put the time into theming your CMS projects, or who does not have the expertise to do the work efficiently, this is the service for you.  Use our team to leverage your time and resources and increase your market and your profit margins.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal.  If you would prefer to pay using another method, please contact us .


What is the payment policy?

We require a 50% deposit before starting work.  Once the work is completed and you have had an opportunity to inspect it on our server, we will invoice the final 50%.  Once payment has been made, we will immediately send the zipped theme files and database to you for installation (or install the themed CMS on your server if you have requested this service).


What type of design files do you work with?

We prefer files to be in PSD or PNG format, but we will also accept Illustrator files. Please  attach a 100% JPG of the layout with your submission.


Will your code validate?

Yes, we guarantee that our code will validate upon delivery of the theme.  However, we are not responsible for code within the CMS content or edits you  have made to the theme after we have finished the project.


What browsers do you test in?

We make our themes cross-browser compatible to the following browsers:  IE6, IE7, Firefox and Safari.  Need us to test in another browser?  Please let us know.


Do you code any Javascript or Ajax?

Each basic theme package includes one Javascript dropdown or flyout navigation element if this is part of your design.  Any additional Javascript or Ajax coding must be quoted upon submission of your design.


Do you offer support?

Of course we do!  You have 30 days to draw our attention to any problems with the appearance or validation of the pages we have themed for you and we will correct the issue within two business days.  Our dedication to customer service and support has earned us an excellent reputation.


Will your name appear on my site?

No, it will not.


I don't have a design. Can you create one for me?

We work exclusively with designers.  Therefore, we do not provide design services.


Will you use my project in your portfolio?

We would be proud to feature your project in our portfolio, but only if we have your permission.


Who will own the final themed CMS design?

You will retain all the rights to your design and your theme.


Will you keep a copy of my themed CMS?

No, we do not keep copies of themes past the service period.  Please ensure that you retain a backup.


If you have any other questions,  please contact us.

So What Do I Get?
  • Expert theming of your CMS
  • Five-day turnaround time**
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Troublefree service and support
  • Valid XHTML/CSS
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